Independent Software Architecture Review


Have you rushed your software product out to market?

Or perhaps your organisation’s proliferation of software applications has organically grown over time?

In either scenario, if you haven’t been factoring your architecture requirements into all your design decisions, architectural limitations are likely to hold you back from growing quicker or further.


For a fixed price, I will provide an independent review of your software architecture. This will include an action plan for remedying the architectural challenges and issues.

I will spend time with your organisation getting to understand the product or services, as well as the architecture of your product or organisation.

You will receive a report on the current state of your architecture landscape.

If you have current or impending issues, the report will highlight these and provide an action plan on how to resolve each one. This will leave you free to implement any remedial action at your own discretion.


Building your software product or solution is an on-going activity. As the product grows or evolves, so does the list of technical challenges you face.

The rush to get to market, the need to be seen as a thought leader or a disruptor in the market sector, or simply the need to get software into production, are all common realities.

In addition, they all lead to compromise in your decision-making. More often than not, the compromise comes at the expense of one or more non-functional (usually architectural) requirements.

Getting a product or solution shipped is undoubtedly difficult. The more complex your product, the harder that can become. When you are desperate to get to market that eagerness can mean compromise in the product you are shipping. I understand; I’ve been there.

If you follow Eric Ries’s Lean Startup approach to launching your software product, the very nature of an MVP means you make decisions for now that you know are not going to work in the future (such as scaling).

If you are now at the stage where your product is getting traction, well congratulations! But now you have to scale and maintain an existing product, complete with securely persisting valuable customer data.

Without an experienced architect, your product or application landscape could get compromised significantly, quickly and very easily.


You want to concentrate on building new features

It can be tempting to focus solely on providing new features to entice new customers (and keep your existing ones happy!).

By doing so, you could inadvertently introduce unwanted problems such as data security concerns, performance problems or an inability to react quickly enough to patch fix your product.

Right at the very time you are trying to grow your customer-base, you want to increase confidence in your product, not erode it.

However, if you don’t factor your software architecture in your design decisions, your product will inevitably struggle under the weight of your growing feature set.

So regardless of how good those new features are, if your customers have no confidence in your product, you will lose them, and possibly gain an unwanted reputation in return.


You have a technical team already

If you have built your product or application landscape from the ground up, you probably have your own technical team, with developers, testers, analysts and maybe even architects.

Great, but in a lot of cases, it takes an independent architect, with no vested interest or emotional baggage to provide an honest and impartial assessment of your problems. And yes, late nights and stress result in emotion!

I will look at your architecture, only consulting your team when needed. My approach is to gain as much of an understanding as possible without being intrusive or a hindrance to feature progress.


No Risk

With this special service, I provide an actionable report for a fixed price, agreeable upfront. This way, you know exactly what the cost will be before I undertake the work.

The value of this service is a set of actionable recommendations, provided to you. However, there is no obligation for you to execute on these recommendations. This leaves you free to prioritise and implement these recommendations at your discretion and in a timescale that suits your organisation.


Unique Offering

I have been developing software for 20 years. I intimately understand what it takes to get software shipped, and the challenges and compromises your team face as they build your product(s). I’m not being hired to criticise. Simply to highlight the issues, and recommend steps to fix them.

I also have no ties with any particular software vendors so any advice I give is completely impartial, and only for the betterment of your product and organisation.


If you would like me to carry out an independent software architecture review, please fill out the contact form and I will get right back to you.