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A lot of startup founders believe launching a software product is all about the idea. Perhaps you are one of them. You have a great idea that is going change how we do things every day. Or perhaps your idea is going to challenge the accepted convention, disrupting an established market. Well, first of all congratulations on your idea and for having the fortitude to make it happen!

So the next steps then, simply hire a few developers on the cheap from an online marketplace, communicate your idea to them, check in with them periodically until they are finished and then count the cash as it rolls in. Right?

As a software developer and architect of nearly 20 years experience, I can assure you it is never that simple. There are a number of architectural factors that can determine the success (or otherwise) of your product, besides the realisation of that great idea of yours of course!

For example,

If you don't have a technical founder performing the role of CTO in your startup, you might not have been aware of such factors, let alone considered them. And these are the first few I thought of off the top of my head. There are many more.

Pull Back The Curtain

But now is not the time to walk away from that great idea. As a business owner with product ideas of my own, I understand just how precious these ideas can be and how determined you probably are to make them a reality.  Instead, let's tackle these architectural challenges together.

This email course will cover:

By the end of this course you will:

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